I am a structural geologist interested in the evolution of the continents, especially the compositional, thermal, structural, and rheological histories of continental crust along the convergent plate boundaries. I am also interested in how heat and mass (magma, solid rocks, fluid) transfer within the crust, and how tectonic activities interact with long-term climate.

I combine field study with laboratory analysis (LA-ICPMS, EPMA , EBSD) and numerical simulation (FDM code) to address geological problems/questions. My study areas includes the Sierra Nevada Batholith in California, the Gangdese Batholith in southern Tibet, and the Basin and Range Province in Nevada.

Opportunity: I am interested in taking a motivated Ph.D./M.S. student. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in my research.

Physical address: 1664 N. Virginia Street, University of Nevada Reno, MS-0172, Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering, Reno NV 89557

Email: wenrongc@unr.edu. Office phone: 775-784-1770